how to fix your own garage door

Check out this short two minute video where we explain some details about fixing your own garage door.


Thank you for making your purchase here at Garage Door Nation. There's a few more things I'm gonna want you to look at on your garage door before you check out.

First thing is, check out your rollers. These are what make the garage door roll up and down. You want to make sure if you have these rollers, they are the worst rollers you can get. They say they are heavy duty but they are not. They come apart. These are definitely the worst rollers. Then you have your plastic rollers. These tend to get very brittle over time and they crack. If you have plastic rollers and they are over a few years old, replace them with a teflon roller. This is a high quality teflon roller that is never going to go bad. It has barrings inside it and it has a bushing that stops it from ever coming apart. These guys are going to last forever. That's what I recommend doing when you have an old roller or one of these metal rollers.

If you are ordering a spring I can almost guarantee the bearing plates are already bad. What I want you to do is stick your finger in the bearing plate and turn it. If it is very difficult to turn or very easy to turn and it just keeps spinning then that means its bad. You guys gotta throw these on the cart. They are very affordable and they are gonna add a huge amount of cycle life to those springs.

There's another thing I'm gonna want you to look at that is very important for your safety and the safety of your family is your cables. Cables tend to fray or get braided. This right here is a braided frayed cable. You're gonna find a lot of these on garage doors, this is pretty common. And what happens is this keeps shredding up worse and worse until it comes apart. If you look at the quality of a new cable that we're gonna be sending you, its about 3 times as thick and obviously isn't gonna be frayed. Make sure if you look at those cables. If they're thin cables you're gonna wanna replace them. You want a heavy duty cable. You don't want one that is frayed or braided.