7 ways to ensure your garage door is secure

Garage doors are an essential asset to any house as it serves as a second entrance to your home. The garage also serves as a storage location for your possessions and valuables, such as your vehicles, tools, valuables that you use less often. The garage also contributes to the look and styling of the house.  

Modern garage doors are considerably safer than traditional garage doors as they have automatic door openers and other security features instead of a simple lock. Many people are ignorant of the importance of securing their garage door and how easy it is for thieves to break in through the garage. 

This article will list out the seven ways to ensure your garage door is secure.

1. Avoid Keeping Your Garage Opener In Your Car

Many people have a habit of keeping the automatic garage opener of their garage on the dashboard or the front windshield of the car. Although this makes it easy to spot and open the garage door while you are in your vehicle, thieves may also find it easy to steal it from your car when you leave the car outside your garage. 

ways to ensure your garage door is secure

Instead of the bulky model, you can opt for a smaller garage opener that you can attach with your keychain and carry it with you in your wallet. You can also use a smart garage opener that you can use with your smartphone through an application for opening your garage door when you are nearby. 

2. Use Rolling Code Lock Technology

ways to ensure your garage door is secure

Ensure your garage door opener is working correctly and use garage door security locks to secure the garage door. Thieves may also try using a code scanner, which exposes the lock code of the garage door if you are using a fixed code lock. Using the rolling code technology will protect you from any assailants on the lookout for your lock code of the garage door by using a code scanner.

3. Do Not Leave Your Garage Door Open

There are plenty of people who do not lock their garage door securely after every use. Some people do not bother to close their garage doors if they are in the surrounding vicinity. However, an open garage door is an open invitation for burglars looking for an opportunity to break in and steal your valuables. 

When you arrive at night to your home, after parking the car inside, close the garage door first before getting out of your vehicle. There may be a thief lurking in the dark, and closing the garage door before getting out will leave you secure inside your car. You may also use a timer to close the garage door after use if you forget to shut it manually.  

4. Use Lights Outside Your Garage

ways to ensure your garage door is secure

Thieves do not like lights as it exposes them to anyone watching them while trying to enter through the garage door. Install bright lights in front of your garage door and other dark spots around your house. You can even use motion-sensing flood lights to illuminate your courtyard when someone is present, and it serves to scare away burglars as well. 

5. Hide The Interiors From Outside View

If you have windows in your garage or near your garage door springs, consider frosting them or covering them to prevent thieves from having a view of the inside of our garage.

Thieves usually scan your home and garage for several days before making their move. An open window will work as an incentive for the thief by revealing the valuables inside. You may use blinds or curtains if you need to let in sunlight. 

6. Unplug Garage Door Opener

Whenever you leave your home for long periods, such as a vacation, remember to unplug your garage door opening system to prevent the chances of unlawful entry. You can use a sliding lock on the vertical tracks of the garage door and a deadbolt on the inside between the garage door and the wall of the garage to further secure your garage while you are away. 

7. Install Wide Peepholes And Surveillance Cameras

Having a wide-angle peephole on the door of your garage or the front door can enable you to have a look outside securely if you hear a noise. You can decide according to your observation and not risk yourself by stepping outside. Installing surveillance cameras are also excellent for observing and noticing any potential threats. 


Being such a large opening that serves as a gateway to your house, the garage door can be one of the weakest points of a home. Burglars can get in and steal your possession easily through your garage door if it is not entirely secure. People also tend to accidentally or purposefully leave their garage doors without locking due to laziness or forgetfulness. 

If your neighbor or anyone else is casually walking by your home, they may not find an open garage door with a work truck and a person as suspicious. This makes it easy for the burglars to carry out breaking into your home. Securing your garage door and garage door parts are fundamental steps you need to take to ensure that your home, along with your family and your possessions, are secure.

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