best garage alarms

Do you keep a lot of valuable possessions in your garage? If so, then you need to protect the contents. But how? 

Fortunately, there are many products on the market designed to deter criminals and make a loud sound if anybody tries to get in and take your valuables. 

In this post, we run through some of the most compelling options available today. There is no best alarm for your garage. Each has positives and negatives associated with it. However, there will almost always be an option that satisfies your budget and current security requirements. 

The Best Garage Alarms

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the products themselves: 

1.Skylink GM-434RTL Long Range Household Alert & Alarm 

Skylink GM-434RTL Long Range Household Alert & Alarm 

The Skylink GM-434RTL is a tech-lovers security device. The product features long-range wireless technology, allowing you to fit it anywhere on your premises and get immediate alerts in the event of an attempted break-in. It means that you can place the system in outbuildings, even if they’re a long way from your router, and still receive the updates you need.

The basic version features a 95 dB siren to scare off intruders, plus a helpful indicator to tell you when the battery is low. The system is also expandable, which means that you can order additional sensors from Sky Link if you need more to cover all your access points. At present, you can use 16 sensors across four zones. 

Key Points

  • Add more sensors when required
  • No monthly fees
  • Built-in siren


  • Long-range up to 800 feet, making it great for outbuildings
  • Loud 95 dB siren
  • Battery life indicator


  • May bleep unnecessarily, even when no intruder is present
  • Trouble calibrating systems when a car is in the garage
  • Additional sensors sold separately

2.GarageDoorBuddy Monitor

GarageDoorBuddy Monitor 

When Brocel was developing the GarageDoorBuddy Monitor, it’s clear that they wanted a product that customers could easily integrate with their smartphones. For that reason, the hub connects directly to your local network and acts just like an additional device, such as a printer. 

In keeping with its consumer-friendliness, it is relatively easy to set up. You just fit it to your garage door and then follow the instructions for connecting it to your internet. Once you hook it up, you (and anyone else you grant access) can access status updates, no matter what your location. 

With GarageDoorBuddy Monitor, you always feel in control. If you have an automatic garage door, you can open and close it remotely. And you can get a warning on your phone or the device itself if the power runs low, letting you know the time has come to replace the batteries. 

Key Points

  • Easy to set up on your local network
  • Comes with a battery warning light


  • Get reminders when you leave the garage door open
  • Get real-time notifications for the whole family, allowing everyone to work together
  • Remotely control your pre-existing garage door via the system


  • Only supported on 2.4G WiFi
  • Must supply your own AA batteries
  • Does not open and close the door - only monitors it

2 Pack Overhead Door Floor Garage Shutter Contact Sensor Security Alarm Switch

2 Pack Overhead Door Floor Garage Shutter Contact Sensor Security Alarm Switch 

This product isn’t so much an alarm for your garage door but a vital part that makes such systems possible. It is essentially a heavy-duty mount switch that you can use to send signals to an existing security alarm system. 

You can tell what the developers were going for just looking at these garage shutter contact sensors. They’re heavy-duty and look like they could survive plenty of abuse from intruders trying to gain access to your possessions. 

The system works using magnets. When the garage door no longer comes into contact with the magnet, it sends a signal to your alarm system, letting you know something has changed. Because it is just a component, the rest of the system's calibration is entirely up to you. 

Key Points

  • Sensor only. Designed to be paired with an existing alarm system or compatible device
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Adjustable L-Bracket


  • Great price
  • Works as intended
  • 3” minimum operating gap
  • Works with a variety of existing alarm systems


  • Packaging may not be robust enough to survive third-party carrier handling
  • Not an integrated system: you will have to hook it up to an alarm manually
  • Weighs more than two pounds

3.Bistee Wireless Home Security Siren Alarm System

If you want your garage door alarm to make a lot of noise, Bistee's wireless home security siren alarm is arguably the one you should choose. The product certainly lives up to both its looks and name. If an intruder attempts to break into your garage, it’ll emit an ear-piercing 120 dB alarm and flash incessantly. Thus, if you own a large property with many outbuildings, you should be able to hear the alarm clearly if it goes off. 

You might worry about turning off an alarm that makes that much noise because it might damage your ears, but Bistee has thought of that. The product comes with a 4 Mode Remote Control that lets you set how the device behaves from a distance, thereby protecting your ears. "Arm" primes the device to detect intruders. "Disarm" turns it off - great if you want to sneak into the garage late at night without disturbing the neighbors. "Home mode" lets you turn off all sensors. And "SOS" allows you to trigger the alarm immediately and request help. 

The most innovative aspect of the device is the roller-shutter door sensor, which uses a combination of sensors and transmitters to tell you when there is movement, even if you have a non-standard opening. 

Key Points

  • Fully integrated system with remote control
  • Four different modes, depending on your situation
  • 328 feet of wireless range


  • Extremely loud 120 dB siren 
  • Simple installation process (allowing you to use tape or screws)
  • Unique sensor that helps to avoid false positives
  • Helpful flashing light to deter intruders


  • Requires AAA batteries

4. 1 By One Driveway Alarm

1 By One Driveway Alarm 

1 By One’s driveway alarm system works a little differently from the products we have discussed so far on this list. Unlike the others, it doesn’t solely track the movement of the garage door. Instead, it uses a more generally-applicable system of motion sensors you can put anywhere on the outside of your property. 

In principle, it works in the same way as any basic security system you’d put on the inside of your house. Except, this time, 1 By One makes the sensor units suitable for outdoor, all-weather use. 

The basic system comes with two sensors, but you can actually expand that to up to sixteen, operating across four zones if you have a wide area you need to protect. The product is made of industrial-strength PVC and comes with weather-resistant seals to keep all the internals nice and dry. 

Key Points

  • Comes with two sensors plus a central control box
  • A general system that you can use anywhere outdoors


  • Fully weather-resistant, allowing you to install it in strategic locations around your property
  • Expandable to include up to 16 sensors operating across four zones
  • Customizable alarm sounds 


  • Relies on AA batteries, which may be difficult to replace
  • Does not protect the garage directly - instead, it is a generic outdoor alarm system
  • Alerts you to any movement on your property, including wildlife

5.Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm 

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

Guardline’s wireless driveway alarm is a direct competitor to 1 By One’s system. As before it uses a combination of a central control box with connected motion sensors designed to pick up any movement on the exterior of your property, including in the vicinity of your garage. 

Guardline boasts the fact that it makes its outdoor sensors to last. Just like 1 By One, it uses industry-grade PVC and seals with rubberized seals. You can install the wireless sensors wherever you like, and the four internal AA batteries should last for around a year before you need to change them. 

Guardline has a long history in the security alarm manufacturing industry, and you can see this from the company’s products. The sensors themselves are discreet, and they look like the brainchild of geeks obsessed with driveway security.

The sensors will feed information to the central wireless unit from more than 500 feet away - something that Guardline says that it has tested in real-world settings. 

Key Points

  • Motion sensor-based system, designed to track the movement of anything on your property
  • Includes a loud alarm with adjustable volume
  • Built by people with significant expertise in wireless sensor design


  • Build to last, using robust PVC and rubber seals
  • Discreet appearance
  • Easily customizable and expandable, depending on your home security needs


  • Requires AA batteries replaced annually
  • Problems with sensors causing alarms to go off when they shouldn’t
  • Range may not be sufficient for some homeowners

6.BITIWEND Wireless Driveway Alarm

BITIWEND Wireless Driveway Alarm 

BITIWEND’s wireless driveway alarm is the company’s most popular door alarm product. It features ultra-long battery life, simple setup, and long operational range. 

The basic concept is simple. The motion sensor picks up the movement of people or animals on your property and then emits an alarm, alerting you to the intrusion.

The company’s technology isn’t yet able to distinguish between people and animals. However, BITIWEND recommends that owners place sensors high up on their properties, preventing alarms from going off because of small animals scurrying around at ground level. 

The system is reassuringly waterproof and expandable as a doorbell system. You get 52 chimes included as standard, plus an LED indicator that flashes a visual alert for people living with hearing impairments. 

Just like most outdoor systems, BITIWEND reassures buyers that the product is waterproof. Sensors themselves come with reassuring hoods, helping to prevent devices from getting soaked in a downpour. And the brand also offers one-year quality service, allowing you to call them up at any point if your sensor triggers when it shouldn’t. 

Key Points

  • Smart outdoor alert for both garage and driveway
  • Expandable with up to 20 sensors and unlimited receivers
  • Doubles up as a doorbell


  • Comes with BITIWEND’s one-year installation and troubleshooting support service
  • Uses excellent waterproofing technology to keep all the internal components dry 
  • Set each sensor with a different chime 


  • Batteries are not included - requires four AA cells to function
  • Small screws on the back of the sensor make it hard to fit with a screwdriver
  • Battery life quite short

Best Garage Alarms FAQ

What Are Alarms For Garages? Alarms for garages are any system that either monitors the garage door or the area immediately around your home. Mostly, systems use motion detection equipment to pick up the garage door's movement itself or intruders moving around outside. If the sensor picks up anything, it will produce an audible alarm or siren sound to tell the owner that there may be an incident unfolding. 
What Are The Benefits Of Alarms For Garages? 

Alarms for garages help to deter intruders from breaking into your property and taking your valuables. Currently, many police organizations believe alarms to be the most effective way to reduce property crime. Therefore, installing one of these could help you prevent theft in the first place, making your home more secure

Modern alarms often offer features that allow you to connect with them remotely and get alerts on your phone. 

How Much Protection Do Alarms For Garages Offer? Most alarms for garages are expandable, allowing you to add more sensors to cover a wider area. Many allow you to group sensors into zones, creating specific alarms or protocols for each region you specify. 
How Much Do Alarms For Garages Cost? It all depends on the system. Cheap units can be as little as $10, with prices running as high as $250.

Best Garage Alarms Summary

This guide should have provided you with important information for your quest to find the best alarms for your garage. No individual alarm is going to be perfect for everyone. Some people only need motion sensors they can link to their existing security system. Others need complete, self-contained units. 

If you’re installing an alarm, think about the type of property you have. Do you just want to put sensors on your garage door? Or would installing them in more locations be the better option?

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