How To Measure Garage Door Springs

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In order to order new springs, you will need to measure (as accurately as possible) your current spring(s) and find the:

1. Wire size

2. Inside diameter (90% of doors have a 2.0" inside diameter)

3. Spring length (how long each spring is)

4. Spring orientation if ordering just one spring (left wound or right wound). Generally, when looking from within the garage, if the spring is on the left side, it is right wound, and vice versa. It works as opposites, so if the spring is on the right side of the center when looking from inside your garage out to your door, it is left wound.

If you would like to convert from 1 spring to 2 springs, use this link after finding your current spring measurements:

**for maximum accuracy, measure springs  after releasing their tension (taking them off), but this is NOT required. 

RECOMMENDED: This video will help you measure your torsion springs - please watch it before ordering (5 minutes).


1. How to Measure for Wire Size

The only way to measure this accurately is to measure 10, 20, 30, and 40 coils and find a match on this chart. It is okay to round if you are very close.

Wire size is the most important measurement. This determines the strength of the spring. It is not recommended to manipulate this to try and get a longer life or stronger spring. If you'd like to upgrade your spring(s), you can add this to your cart:


2. How to Measure for Inside Diameter

It is very likely that, like 90% of Americans, you have a 2.00" inside diameter.

Please double check by measuring just the inside (interior) diameter of the spring. You can measure this while it's still attached.

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inside-diameter inside-diameter-spring

3. How to Measure for Spring Length

Spring length is the most flexible measurement, but you should do your best to be within 1-2 inches.

The spring length may change slightly after years of use, weather, etc.

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4. How to Determine Winding Orientation (left-wound or right-wound)

A general rule is that if the spring is marked with RED paint, then it is RIGHT wound.

Furthermore, if the spring is on the left side when looking from within the garage, it is RIGHT wound.

If you have a 2-spring system, you should replace both springs and you can skip this step.

This page will provide more insight if you are still having trouble:



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Safety Notice

    Caution: Don’t ever wrap your hand around a wound torsion spring under any circumstances.

    Please be extremely careful, wear eye protection, use a helper, and be cautious at all times when working with torsion springs.


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    Just wanted to thank Garage Door Nation for making this possibly the easiest DIY home repair. The kit had everything I needed. The videos were very helpful.

    There is some potential risks involved with this project, but if one just follows the step-by-step instructions of the videos, they will have no problems.