The Top 7 Bike Racks For Your Garage

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The Top 7 Bike Racks For Your Garage

Riding a bike isn’t exactly something that’s ever going to go out of fashion. It’s a fantastic invention that solves many problems while providing great exercise for the person sitting on it. For those that don’t drive (and dislike the idea of walking everywhere), a bicycle of any kind would be the perfect addition to one’s life.

Any owner of a bike will tell you that it needs to be kept in good condition and stored adequately. Many people who own one will automatically and lazily place it in their garage or shed up against the wall, and hope that it stays standing until the next time it’s used. While that’s not a huge and significant issue, it can be quite a pain logistically and from an aesthetic point of view. That's where something like a garage bike rack can come in handy. It can keep things nice and neat while providing a genuine need that is looking to be filled.

There are many different kinds of bike racks that you can choose from – they differ in terms of looks and in terms of your needs, so you’re not tied down to a specific style; you can choose whatever fits your situation!

Best Garage Bike Racks

Let’s have a little look at the top 7 bike racks for your garage – hopefully, there’s something here that piques your interest! 

Koova Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack

The Koova Wall Mount Storage Rack will give you a simple and uncomplicated way to hang your bikes. It’s easy to assemble and will be able to work on pretty much any wall you wish to use. At thirty-two inches wide, it can handle up to six bikes at a time – including some large cruisers. The fat tire hangers can handle modern large tire bikes up to three inches. It also includes bonus hooks for storing things like helmets and other accessories.

Key Features

  • Made with heavy gauge steel. Each component is cut, formed and powder-coated in their very own South Carolina factory. 
  • Specially designed and crafted hooks that easily handle wider tires. 


    • It’s easy to install. It can be finished in minutes.
    • Strong – can hold well over 200 lbs.  
    • Fits all types of bikes.
    • Long-lasting and reliable.
    • Each angle is angled to correctly support the bikes’ weight without damaging the rim, tires or spokes. 


      • Some reviews suggest the bikes may overlap; getting all six may be difficult. 

      StoreYourBoard 5 Bike Garage Rack

      The StoreYourBoard 5 Bike Storage Rack is a customizable wall rack that allows you to customize and organize the area. As the name suggests, it’s able to hold up to five bikes at a time, and can hold up to around two-hundred pounds of weight.

      In terms of the customization, it consists of one adjustable track, two wall mount brackets, and five storage attachments with pins. The track system has forty-five mounting slots, allowing you to add attachments appropriately to fit any style and width you prefer. If you wish to hang your helmets, shoes, and other items, then you’re able to do so due to its versatility. 

      Each aspect of the rack is made from high-strength steel and aluminium, meaning it will be able to handle a heavy load and last for many, many years. It’s able to accommodate standard road bikes, mountain bikes, and beach bikes. It’s not recommended that fat tire bikes are placed on it. 

      Key Features

      • A vertical rack that will clear up space.
      • Adjustable hanging hooks.
      • Up to five bikes can be held.


        • Easy to install.
        • Built to last.
        • Can hold the vast majority of bike types.
        • Strong enough to handle most situations.


          • Not as strong and steady as others on the market.
          • Fat tire bikes don’t benefit from this.

            Steadyrack Classic Rack: Wall-Mounted Bike Storage Solution 

            So far we’ve highlighted larger bike racks that handle more than a couple at a time. The Steadyrack Classic, however, is designed to hold a sole bicycle. It’s an attractive-looking little contraption that allows you to easily hook your bike onto the wall.

            Due to its size, it takes up very little space and allows the space to be cleared up nicely. If you’re the only one in your home that rides a bike, or if you’re currently living on your own, then this singular rack will do you nicely. You simply have to place the while into the slot, and you’re good to go. Though it’s only a small item, it can handle pretty much any kind of bike that is placed into its grasp. 

            Key Features

            • Fits road, hybrid, and mountain bikes with tire diameters from twenty to twenty-nine inches – and width up to 2.4 inches. 
            • Maximum weight around thirty-five kilograms. 
            • 160-degree side-to-side swivel. 


              • Not heavy, so zero strenuous activity.
              • Very simple to use.
              • Can be installed virtually anywhere.
              • Folds completely flat against the wall.
              • Floor space will be cleared up nicely.
              • A lot more flexibility and versatility due to its size and purpose.
              • Your bike’s frame and rack are protected from the rack itself.


                • While, obviously, much smaller, it obviously cannot hold as much as larger racks.

                Wallmaster Garage Bike Rack

                A garage bike rack that is brought to you by a company that specializes in storage tools, hardware, hooks, racks, and hangers. Wallmaster should know a thing or two about creating a fully-functioning and aesthetically pleasing bicycle rack with such an array of experience and expertise. 

                This bike rack has a similar look to the typical racks that hold multiple bicycles, but has an advantage in terms of the way it has been created. The material is such that it can stand a heavier load than those previously discussed – which is, of course, a huge plus in its favor. 

                Key Features

                • 16.5 inches wide. 
                • Made of steel.
                • Can hold up to two-hundred kilograms. That’s four-hundred and forty pounds. 
                • Expandable rail.
                • Adjustable hooks.
                • Five hooks for bikes – three smaller hooks for accessories.


                  • Relatively easy to install, only an electric drill necessary. 
                  • Hooks can be simply repositioned.
                  • Very durable and strong – much stronger than others in this list. 


                    • May fall into the trap of clustering bikes together too much.

                    Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack 2.0 

                    The Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack 2.0 is another in the collection that allows you to store a maximum of six bikes at a time. Another straightforward and easy-to-use rack that will remove clutter from your garage floor and clear up space for other things to be placed. It is four feet long and can hold up to around three-hundred pounds, meaning it will probably handle what you want to give it.

                    In terms of the design, you are presented with a choice of colors: grey and tan – it’s just a case of choosing what you feel is the best-looking, or what will match your home’s décor the most. While it can handle six at a time, the recommended maximum for optimum performance is four as it will make everything a lot easier for you. The hooks slide across the bar, making the movement of each individual bicycle a lot smoother; there will be fewer tedious moments in the attachment and removal. 

                    Key Features

                    • Rubber-coated hooks that increase the grip.
                    • Powder-coated so as to provide extra protection with a tough exterior.
                    • Holds up to six bikes.


                      • Again, not a difficult task to install – takes around fifteen minutes. Only basic tools necessary. Durable hardware included.
                      • Largest bike rack of the lot.
                      • Can store up to three-hundred pounds - one of the stronger racks around. 
                      • Good price. 


                        • Some reviews have mentioned an inability to hook to some mountain bikes.

                        RaxGo Bike Storage Rack

                        Here we have a product that is unlike the preceding racks. Instead of a wall rack that hangs and hooks like coat pegs, we have a standalone rack with its own base and structure. If you haven’t much wall space available, but you’ve got a smaller area in the corner of the garage, then this might be the bike rack you need.

                        Given its style, it’s not able to hold five or six like the others before this – it holds only two, but it provides a sturdy and simple way of doing so. Like those before, it is very simple to set up and will not cause much stress mentally or physically during the installation. 

                        To fit the bike’s frame onto the shelves, simply rotate the knobs, move the arms up or down, and lock them in. The instructions are pretty straightforward, and the design makes it all very simple to get to grips with. 

                        Key Features

                        • Holds up to ninety pounds worth of weight. So two forty-five pound bikes. 
                        • Rock-solid steel construction. 
                        • Super strong anti-scratch arms. 
                        • Color: black.
                        • No supporting structures needed – it’s a freestanding unit. 


                          • All kinds of bikes can fit in this rack. 
                          • Easy to assemble. 
                          • Build to last.


                            • Two is not enough if you’re looking to store an entire family of bikes.
                            • Larger than the others in this selection.

                            XCSOURCE Bike Storage Rack 

                            Finally, we have the XCSOURCE garage bike rack. We’ll end with a rack that continues the trend of being able to store many bikes fairly comfortably and without struggling or collapsing. It’s a very neat-looking garage bike rack that will suit pretty much any environment. A look at the photo(s) will confirm this for you; it’s very attractive in its simplicity. 

                            The hooks are, again, customizable, so you can place them wherever you deem necessary. The hooks are made from a strong and reinforced material and are covering a rubber so as to increase the amount of grip – so you know they’ll stay put when they latch on. As well as the rubber-coated J-hooks for the bicycles, the rack also has a hook for your helmet (or another accessory of your choosing). 

                            Key Features

                            • Made from heavy-duty iron.
                            • Can hold up to two-hundred pounds.
                            • Five bike storage attachments and one helmet hook.
                            • It is covered in rubber to avoid damage and boost grip. 
                            • Forty-six-inch long track bracket. 


                              • Can hold up to five bikes. 
                              • Customizable 
                              • Attractive in its simplicity 


                              • Reviews suggest the screws are an issue. The strength has been questioned, too. 

                              Garage Bike Rack FAQ

                              How Much Would I Be Spending On A Garage Bike Rack? Bike racks typically cost around fifty to sixty dollars. Of course, if you select a higher quality product with more to offer, then the price will probably be dearer. 
                              How Long Do Garage Bike Racks Last? The way in which they made and with the ergonomics of them, you can bet that they’ll last a very long time. They aren’t going to combust spontaneously, so you’re looking at many, many years – though it will depend on how you treat them, of course. 
                              Are Garage Bike Racks Safe? Of course, they’re made with care. While there may be a few edges that are necessarily strong and sharp, they will not do any damage. The resilience of them also means they will not collapse and cause any issues for you or anyone else in the immediate vicinity.

                              The Sum Up!

                              When it comes to your own bike-storing needs, each will be able to suit a certain style. With all seven of these options, there’s no real right or wrong answer, thankfully – you’re going to be fulfilled with whatever you choose (depending on how your garage is laid out). Obviously, if you have a sole bicycle to take care of, then the Steadyrack Classic work wonders for you. If you’ve a multitude of bikes to play around with, then the strength, reliability, resilience, and style of the Wallmaster bike rack looks as though it should be the pick of the bunch!

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