how to weigh a garage door

A common question we’re asked here at Garage Door Nation is “how do I weigh a garage door?” This is especially common among those who want to convert from extension springs to torsion springs

Fortunately, weighing a garage door may be easier than you think. Read on to learn how you can weigh your garage door!

How To Weigh A Garage Door

Below you will find the steps to properly weigh your garage door. You can also watch the video above for step-by-step instructions.

Before we begin, we encourage you to consult with local experts or authorities if you do not feel comfortable weighing a garage door yourself. ALWAYS follow all the safety precautions provided by any tool or equipment manufacturer, and follow all accepted safety procedures.

Step 1: Unwind The Spring

The first step to weighing your garage door in weighing your garage door is unwinding the garage door springs to remove the tension from the torsion cables. You can do this by backlining the springs. Make sure your cables are a bit loose when unwinding the spring.

Step 2: Place A Scale Under The Door

Once the door is sufficiently open, place a scale underneath the center of the door. In many cases, a traditional bathroom scale will be sufficient. However, a heavier door may not provide an accurate reading and could do damage to your scale.

Step 3: Gently Lower The Door

Next, gently lower the door on the scale. The scale should then give you a reading of how much your garage door weighs.

Tips For Weighing Your Garage Door

how to weigh a garage door

Here are some simple tips for weighing your garage door:

  • Never stand in front of the garage door springs, especially if one or both is broken. The safe zones are to the left & right of the springs.
  • Make sure you have the correct tools to weigh your garage door. These tools include professional garage door winding bars to unwind the springs. 
  • ALWAYS consult a professional if you do not feel comfortable with the weight of your garage door.

We also encourage you to watch the video above for a quick visual tutorial on how to weigh your garage door.

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