“I got my parts yesterday, super fast. In WI in winter, this was great! Followed your video and got both springs, bearings, and cables done in an hour. Thank you so much. I will recommend you all to anyone looking to do this. Saved me $300 plus I got new bearings and cables. Thank you."

Bob Hietala

"Thank you for the quick handling of my order. The spring kit arrived quickly and your installation video was GREAT. I unpacked the materials, watched the video and an hour later had my garage door back in operation.

Thanks again, Terry B

Lynchburg, Virginia"

"Just wanted to thank you for the fast service and your help. Everything arrived in 2 days, all in one delivery and everything was there. After reviewing the install video, I was back in business in a couple for hours. Thanks again for you help. - Doug"

"I recently purchased the basic spring replacement kit. I watched the 10 minute video immediately after purchasing the kit.

Then, after the parts came. I could not find the video that I watched, so I watched the 20 minute video as I replaced my springs and bearings. My wife assisted with the laptop, because of my greasy hands.

Everything went like it was supposed to. The video presenter did a wonderful job of explaining what I needed to do, what should happen and why it was important.

It took about an hour for a first timer with moderate handyman skills.

With much appreciation,


I was able to replace my springs without difficulty. The online step-by-step videos on your website really helped - adding the safety notes in the video is a plus!. Additionally, knowing how to balance my door has proven to be valuable. Replacing both springs, with equal tension, greatly improved the opener's performance. The motor is no longer straining and the smoother operation of a newly balanced door is very obvious. Opening the garage door no longer shakes the house! Plus, this saved me a $200+ service call.

6 years ago I paid for a serviceman to come out to replace a broken tension spring. It took him 15 minutes to replace the one bad spring. He was not friendly and was annoyed when I asked if he should replace both springs, and the bearings. He grumbled that this was not necessary. He did not check the door's balance. He was in a hurry and did not listen to my concerns. I made a pledge, after being handed the $215 invoice, that I would never again hire this work out. And, this was from a "reputable" garage door business that had the national business logo prominently displayed on the service van.

There's a good reason why the DIY industry is growing rapidly, and why the Garage Door Nation business model is a gift to the USA homeowner.

Just finished installing my new door springs, I can't thank you enough for the money I saved doing this myself. The tutorial helped tremendously! I finished the complete replacement of 2 springs in less than 2 hrs, as I watch the video as I went. Thanks again and I will recommend you to anyone who needs help with their garage doors.


"Watched you tutorials on spring measurement. Ordered it Friday showed up Tuesday. Quick and both packages showed up at the same time. This was the best kit and price I found. Watched your tutorial on replacement and replaced the springs in 2 hours and my garage is working. I know longevity is still not known but with the in depth of instructions and professionalism I found with dealing with garage door nation. I think they will last for a long time. Thank you"


I just wanted you to know how happy my husband and I are with your website with the super helpful videos and the replacement parts available to order. We have been ripped off by garage door repair companies, and prefer just to do our own work. You helped us out with quality parts and great videos to get the job done on a work night no less, just me and my husband in and hour and 15 min!!!! We were so happy I just cannot tell you how impressive the quick delivery and the all around great service we received!!!!





Dennis and Denise Cochran