Garage Door Torsion Spring  Length Chart

Are you trying to confirm the length of your garage door torsion springs? Then use this common garage door torsion spring length chart!

The chart below will give you all the common measurements for most residential garage door springs. Of course, there will be times when you have a measurement that does not appear on the chart, but these are the most common measurements based on wire size, inside diameter and spring length!

Once you've determined your wire size and inside diameter, your spring length should fall in the range in inches below. If you need help measuring your garage door torsion springs before consulting the chart, please follow these instructions.

 Wire Size 1.75" Inside Diameter 2.00" Inside Diameter
.187 16-23 inches 15-20 inches
.192 19-32 inches 16-21 inches
.207 20-27 inches 18-26 inches
.218 24-38 inches 22-27 inches
.225 26-34 inches 24-28 inches
.234 28-36 inches 24-30 inches
.243 29-39 inches 26-34 inches
.250 32-40 inches 27-36 inches
.262 35-48 inches 32-40 inches
.273 40-54 inches 36-46 inches
.283 46-64 inches 38-50 inches
.295 50-66 inches 44-54 inches


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