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Here are five of the most frequent garage door problems:

Door Opener

The garage door opener might develop a glitch in its system. Sometimes, the door does not easily close or does not reverse back before hitting the floor. This is because the garage door operator might have a technical glitch.

Spring Replacement

The garage door springs hold the tension of the system. For that reason, they are easily worn out. If you think that the door starts to open or close slowly than it did before, the springs might need to be replaced.

Remote Control Glitch

The remote control of the garage door system is very important because it manipulates the operation. More often than not, the remote control fails either because it fell countless times or simply because of battery drainage.

Garage Door Insulation Kit


If you plan on insulating your garage door, you will need stronger tension from your springs to hold the new added weight.

Misaligned Track

The track should always be aligned. Misaligned tracks can cause great damage to the entire system. 

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Here are basic steps on how you can repair your garage door:

Step 1 – The track and the mounting bracket are the most essential parts of the garage door because it connects the system to the wall. This means that the track and the mounting bracket are responsible in bridging the support needed by the garage system from the interior of the garage. If they are off the hook or if they are experiencing rust and total deterioration, the garage door system might collapse at the time you might least expect.

First, check the track for possible flat spots, dents or crimps. If there are spots, use a rubber mallet (or a simple hammer) to pound it perfectly. Next, check the mounting brackets to see if they are screwed properly. Use a screwdriver to tighten up loosened screws. If possible, change them outright. 

Step 2 – The tracks should always be properly aligned. To check if it is aligned accordingly, use a level tool. The horizontal track on the wall needs to be perfectly aligned to avoid malfunction. Often, if the track is not aligned, the door is hard to open. It should be slightly curved downward the garage door to connect it with the interior sidewall of the garage. To avoid breakdown, the vertical slide of the track should plumbed. It is noteworthy to remember that the horizontal and vertical slides of the track should be of the same height on the wall. 

Step 3 – The track should also be grease-free. Clean it with detergent or liquid soap to harden the greasiness of the tracks. 

Step 4 – The rollers play an important role in the garage door system because they are responsible in rolling up and down the door. Always check if the rollers are tight and steady. If they are ignored, opening the door might be a risk. Make sure that the rollers are screwed tightly to avoid accidents. If they are loosened, buy new ones and install them immediately. People in your house might end up being shut down by the door. 

Step 5 – Don’t just work on the tracks, mounting brackets and rollers. Also, check the other parts of the garage door, which connect it to the interior of the garage. If you have a roll-up garage door, inspect the hinges that hold the entire system. Use screwdrivers to screw them properly. That way, the sections of the system will be in place. For swing-up garage door systems, the plate should be tightened. Clean the springs of the garage door to wipe away rust particles that are the common cause of system glitches. 

Garage doors are simple systems that are operated by a low-powered motor device that runs the opening and closing of the entire system. However, they face serious problems like deterioration as time goes by. Passage of time is the reason why garage doors wear and tear; causing depreciation. If the garage door is not properly maintained or repaired, it might fall one day without any notice.