Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver, and Window Operators and Systems

UL 325 

1 Scope

1.1 These requirements cover electric operators for doors, draperies, gates, louvers, windows, exterior awnings and other opening and closing appliances rated 600 V or less to be employed in ordinary locations in accordance with the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70.

1.1 revised November 3, 2010

1.2 These requirements also cover complete doors, gates, and other such assemblies that include electric opening and closing appliances.

1.3 These requirements also cover accessories, such as external entrapment protection devices, for use with appliances covered by this standard.

1.4 Doors and door operators intended for exit use as defined in the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101 and codes such as the BOCA National Building Code, the Standard Building Code, and the Uniform Building Code, are additionally subject to design requirements specific to such use.

1.5 These requirements do not address active fire alarm functionality, which is addressed in NFPA 80.

1.5 added effective August 29, 2010