Each Garage Door Nation review is sent in by real customers each week. These are REAL testimonials from our customers - unfiltered.

"Thank you. Right parts and followed instructional video job completed in 40 minutes"

- Alan M.

 "Just wanted to let you know I did receive the second package the next day. I installed the kit that evening. Other than the couple of mistakes I made, it went perfectly. The video was perfect. Y'all did a great job at explaining what, how, when to do everything. Considering I messed up twice, I got it all installed and working inside an hour and a half, and I'm just a 55yr old 5'2 girl and did it by myself. Yay!!! Thank you so very much! WHOOP, whoop!"

- Jody B.

"I received the parts quickly and reviewed the great video on YouTube. Everything was as explained and went together without a problem. 

It was one of the few times I didn’t have to run back and forth to the hardware store for parts.
I’m 70 now (still don’t know how that happened) and if I can do it, anyone can.
Thank you for a great service and product.

- John Ryan.

"I recently ordered your spring replacement kit, for what I feel was a great price. I then watched the how to install video on YouTube and was able to replace my garage springs and have my garage door back in working order. You provided fast, dependable shipping, the products work great, and your service was outstanding. I would and will continue to highly recommend both your Company and products to anyone I personally know that needs the garage door repaired. Having priced locally what it would have cost for a repair or service man to make this same repair, would have been at least $400 or higher. Your Service is exemplary, and I personally want to thank you for that! 

Please feel free to use my comments in your reviews, for future customers.


- Shane Bryan Phoenix, AZ

"I just wanted you guys to know that I received my torsion spring and completed the install. The actual installation took less that 30 minutes!

I told several people that I planned on installing a garage door torsion spring after mine broke. ALL of them told me that it was too dangerous and a few feared for my life! Honestly it was one of the simplest home repairs I have ever done. That is thanks in large part to your very helpful installation video. Your videos on measuring springs etc. were also very helpful. All of the necessary details are there.

I just wanted to say thank you for the great products and excellent videos."

- John H.

"Garage Door Nation is very well thought out company. Shipping was fast. Parts were perfect. Videos on web site made the project easy. Took about 30 minutes to change both springs. Your web site is excellent, very user friendly. Turned a $350 repair +/-, into a $130 easy DIY project. Not to mention, when I changed springs I found that the very well known "professional company," in the Dayton Ohio area that changed springs last time for me, had put a left spring on BOTH sides. I guess, as the old saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself."
Shane Birch


"Thanks for all the help, equipment, and the instructional video. Everything fit together just right and WOW it feels good to be able to open the Garage Door again. The Job took me less then 2 hours and that was only because I had to clean the garage a bit to make room to do the install."

- Marc E Jaggi

"Just wanted to say thanks for your great company that helped me replace my broken garage door springs today. Your 'How-to' video gave me the knowledge to feel comfortable doing this myself. I was glad to know that the springs and other parts did NOT come from China.

I have been told many times how dangerous replacing the springs can be and that I should hire a professional... But with the winding rods you sent me and the video I felt very comfortable doing it myself.

Keep up the good work!"

- Mark

"The door moves smoothly and most of all quietly.

Thank you for being there and for giving me credibility with my neighbor who was impressed when he came over to inspect my work.

If I ever need to repair my garage door, etc., I will come to Garage Door Nation. Oh yes, I have and will tell everyone about you guys"

 "You saved me about $400. Watched your video, got the parts at 5pm. Started at 6pm, done at 8pm. I had to reshape the tube a bit after the old parts being clamped on had it kinked out of round. it done following the steps in your video. Thanks again. I'll be sending anyone your way that needs to do themselves."

"I wanted to thank you for the overall great customer service Garage Door Nation recently provided me regarding a broken torsion spring on my 7'x16 garage door. Having heard the horror stories associated with DIY torsion spring replacements, I was concerned about my ability to tackle my garage door repair on my own. However, the expert videos on how to properly measure and order parts as well as the "how to" on the actual replacement made the project simple and straight forward. Additionally, I received my parts in three business days which allowed me to complete the repair ahead of schedule."

- Tom S.

Dude, I feel like we’re brothers.

I watched the vid so often I feel like we know each other. Thanks for doing this. the change out was a breeze (tho many could learn from your tightening the 7/16 bolts. My installer must have used a compact driver as it bent the tube and was tough to get off and on.

But thanks so much!

I suppose on the one hand it denied a repair guy his income - but, truthfully, if (back in 1997) they hadn’t charged me $500 to repair a slightly off kilter door (now I reaize the cable came off) i would not have strived to do it myself.

I watched 4 videos and yours was the best and most comprehensive - AND, the only one who thought to point out that UNPLUGGING the door was the first step. I can only imagine if someone hits the go button - would scare the christmas out of anyone.

And, although you were super causal with the tightening of the springs, I (am
much thanks

- Robb

"Hello! One of my torsion springs broke a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to your YouTube video, I was able to see how to fix it and it gave me a lot of confidence. I didn't even know what those springs we called until I saw the video.

I have to say, and I'm sure you hear this a lot, that was the BEST "How To" video I have ever used on Youtube...ever. And I use a lot. I appreciate the clarification on what spring to place where. I would have totally got that backwards. Also, the "get the old spring out the way" part was a great idea. I'm just the type to climb down the ladder and step on the old spring.

Anyway, I ordered the parts I needed from Garage Door Nation and they came quickly with extra stuff that I need and probably will need in the future. That was awesome pretty awesome! Thank you super, crazy lots for taking the time to make great videos for all of us out here. Very well done and very, very appreciated. My door works great! "

- KellyLancaster, California.

"I received all the parts and my nephew and I installed all the parts. The videos that helped us a lot and very easy to follow.

I would like to thank you for all the help that you've given me to fulfill my order. I really saved a lot. Mind you, I paid $450 ten years ago to replace just the springs. Imagine how much it cost now if I have someone install the springs for me.
More power to you and the Garage Door Nation company. For sure, I'm going to recommend you to my friends.
Thank you.

- Mario

"Received my Springs early this morning behind my it installed right away....IT WAS GREAT.....LOVE YOUR YOU TUBE instruction......YOU GUYS ARE GREAT......I wish every company would follow your Biz. Model 

Thanks so much
Best Regard

- Eric

"Ordered the bundle kit and received it 2 days later. Had it installed in less than 1 hour. Save me over $400+ by choosing Garage Door Nation. Thank you guys so much. Amazing."

- Roberto G.

"This was probably the most helpful video I've watched on youtube.


- Dwayne S.

"Your videos and written instructions were spot on. Springs installed and door balance.

Again, thank you for all the help. Ensure that I will recommend your product to those I know when needing springs."


"very good instructional video...took 20 minutes to install my new one and wind it"

- Dana K.

"Thank you for posting this video.  It was professional and very educational.  I will most likely be replacing my garage door springs in the future.  Now I know what to look for when I am working.  I liked the emphasis on safety as well.  It is all to often that people take safety for granted when they leave the day job and head home."

- Lars N.

- Lars N.

This was an outstanding experience for me.

The videos were excellent and clearly showed how to measure the springs, the price was excellent, the delivery was fast and well packaged and the torsion spring installation video was spot on.

Many thanks for the professional approach your company takes to supporting your customer.

I will refer your company to anyone needing garage door parts.

Painless and smooth installation thanks to your company's videos.

many thanks"

- Mike

"Just wanted to thank you guys for the parts, thay are so affordable and fast delivery, your YouTube video is awesome because it's step by step and to the point. I called four different companies and the lowest price was $443 , your parts only cost me $110 so I saved $333 . Thank you so much for doing what you guys do because honestly there aren't many companies that would do this ."

- Farrad

Just want to say thank you for my order. Shipping was timely and all items arrived in great shape. Springs and cables installed and door works great.. Hopefully I will not be ordering from you again any time soon, but you will be the place I will refer friends to. Thanks again. Ron

 "Quick feedback. Installed the new springs today. Could not have been easier following your youtube video. Great product, great service - period!"

- Marty N.


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I didn't need your support to install the hardware package I purchased below. All the parts appear to be great quality and the installation went very well. I don't do this job very often, so I refreshed the task by watching your 20 minute video. The tips in the video were very helpful and reminded me of a few critical safety steps to take.

The center bearing on the existing door was plastic and was severely worn and disfigured. I was happy to see that your kit arrived with a metal center bearing as well as metal bearing support on both sides. I really appreciate the convenience of your company supplying the entire bundled kit to replace springs and include the "wearable" hardware in the kit.

Thanks Again for a great product,

- Gene

"Received my spring replacement kit late last night. Installed easily, in a short time, with the help of the excellent video. Everything working well. Thanks very much for the great service."

- Ron M.