If your garage door opens and closes when you want it to, you may not give much thought to its replacement. Replacing an old door can have a lot of benefits you may not be aware of, however, all of which can make a compelling reason to trade in your old door.

The 5 Top Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

Take a good look at your garage door, and your garage itself. If any of these reasons apply to you, it may be time to invest in a new door.

Appearance and Value

How do your doors currently look? Are they in keeping with the look, color, and style of the rest of the house? Do they match your neighbor’s doors in terms of quality and age? If your doors are old, out of date, or in disrepair they could be detracting from the curb appeal of your home. Curb appeal is one of the factors that helps determine your home’s value; replacing your current garage doors with new ones can boost your curb appeal, and therefore your home’s value.

Additionally, garage doors continue to rate highly in terms of recouping costs on investment. The annual Remodeling Cost vs. Value report for 2013 found that on average homeowners recoup about 75% of their garage door cost at resale, making it one of the best investments you can make in your home.

Energy Costs

Do you use your garage as a workspace, play area, or for functions that don’t involve storage? If so, you probably heat or cool the garage to make it more comfortable. If your doors are older, they may not have the proper insulation for these purposes, meaning that you’re paying more in energy costs. Replacing your doors with fully insulated models can help keep your garage more temperate, and help to reduce your energy costs each month.

Better Storage

A lot of people use their garages for more than just a place to park their cars; they also use the space to store their belongings. Old, cracked, poorly fitting, and uninsulated garage doors could be putting the property you store there at risk.

Doors that are cracked, poorly insulated, or that don’t fit properly could be letting the elements into your garage, which could harm sensitive materials you’re storing there. Older doors are also often easier to open, which means your belongings are at risk of being stolen as well.

Safety and Access

Older garage doors may open and close, but can they keep you and your home safe as well? Newer garage doors can sense when a small child may be in the way of the door coming down, and will halt in their descent. They also may offer sophisticated security options, such as keypads that let you enter your home through the garage door, even without your car. These features can help keep you and your home safe from harm.

Insurance Benefits

Many home insurance companies offer benefits for installing a new door with safety and security features. This may include a reduction in payments each month, letting your new door help pay for itself.

Replace Your Door

Rather than waiting until your old door no longer functions, consider looking into a new door today. With the many benefits that come from a door replacement, you may find that it’s one of the best decisions you can make regarding your home’s appearance, comfort, and safety.