Garage Door Bottom Seal

Size: 9-Foot Garage Door Bottom Seal
Sale price$29.99

This 100% EPDM, high-quality DURA-LIFT rubber garage door bottom seal has superior bounce back and flexibility compared to traditional seals that use PVC plastic! Keep your garage dry, comfortable and clean by preventing rain, wind, dust, leaves and pests from entering under the garage door! Save money and reduce your energy consumption by keeping heated and cooled air from escaping! 

Garage Door Bottom Seal Specs

Here are the specs for the Garage Door Nation Garage Door Bottom Seal:

  • UNIVERSAL DOUBLE-T BOTTOM SEAL: Fits all 5/16” double-T type retainers and can be easily cut to fit all doors 16’ wide and under!
  • 100% DURABLE RUBBER: Made with EPDM rubber, this high-quality, shock-absorbing seal holds its elasticity, shape, and structure 5x longer than typical vinyl seals, which tend to flatten and crack within a few years!
  • KEEP UNWANTED ELEMENTS AND PESTS OUT: Seal your garage against rain, snow, wind, and dust as well as rodents, insects, and other unwelcome wildlife from entering under the garage door!
  • SUPERIOR WEATHERABILITY: Provides long-term resilience against extreme hot and cold temperatures (-60°F to +290°F) and maintains its physical properties substantially longer than vinyl seals!
  • REDUCE ENERGY COSTS YEAR-ROUND: Helps maintain a consistent temperature in the garage so that less energy is used heating and cooling your home by tightly sealing your door!

The Garage Door Nation Garage Door Bottom Seal can be installed quickly & easily by cleaning the track, lubricating the end of the seal and sliding into the track!

And what's more, ALL garage door bottom seals ship FREE! Get the bottom weather seal and any other essentials you need to fix your door at Garage Door Nation today! 

*Please measure your bottom track BEFORE ordering to ensure it will fit your door. There are NO refunds or returns on our bottom seals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David G.

Well built seal. Seems good quality too bad it didn’t fit. Not garage door nations fault

Well made

Easy to put on with 2 people. I would recommend this product.

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