Garage Door Torsion Springs Replacement

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Do you need a single spring to fix your garage door? Then visit the Garage Door Nation Spring Wizard! 

Our easy-to-use wizard will find the right spring for your garage door. You will also find a link to an instructional video that will show you step-by-step how to get the right measurement!

You can visit the Garage Door Nation Spring Wizard by clicking here!

Click for Step-by-Step Tutorial for how to replace springs:


We strongly recommend our brand-new


(comes with 2 springs - best value)

which has everything you need to fix your garage.


Plus, FREE shipping for a limited time only. View our Bundle Kit here:


Replacing both springs is strongly recommended, if you want to convert from a 1-spring system to a 2-spring system,

visit this link, as there is an equation we must perform before we can recommend the 2-spring measurements for you.


Garage Door Torsion Springs Replacement (highest quality in America)

*all spring sales are custom and made-to-order, therefore ALL SALES ARE FINAL


Please be sure to add (2) springs to your order by first adding the left wound, then coming back to add a right wound spring to order a pair.
These are currently sold individually.

left and right wound springs

Visit our video tutorials section for more step-by-step tutorials on DIY garage door repair.
All springs that we sell are manufactured in either our Ohio or California plant.  The raw steel we used is also made in the USA.  However, there are some parts on the springs, spring ends, cones and castings that do come from overseas. 
If you have any questions, please let us know.
*Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear - it does cover the cones coming undone though.
Recent Testimonials from Real Customers:

"From start to finish you have made this such an easy process. I went from a 1 spring system to a 2 spring system with your simple measurement instructions. I submitted my measurements at night and received the reply email that night with the spring information I needed to order.

The kit is priced well and arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Your video is straight forward and easy to understand. I watched the video before I purchased, and I was sold based on your safety warnings, technique suggestions, and the things you said to make sure of. This was a very easy process and I will refer others. Thank you for giving me a DIY solution. This saved me a lot of money and was satisfying to accomplish."

-Darrell B. in Tomball, TX


If you recently added a garage door insulation kit please let us know so we can modify the size of the springs you will need.

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