Garage Door Torsion Springs - Pair .263 x 1.75" x 42"

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Product Quality and Price

All of our springs are ultra high-quality, American-made garage door springs manufactured from the best steel available. Be aware that the level of quality in garage door springs can differ markedly between springs from different manufacturers and from different countries. While it is always a good idea to shop price, you need to know that higher quality may cost a little more but will more than pay off in performance and durability. Our pricing is super-competitive with other manufacturers offering springs of a similar quality.

Product Specifications

Product name: High-Cycle Springs - Right and Left-263-1.75-42
Inside Diameter: 1.75
Wire Size: 263
Length: 42
IPPT: 44.8
Spring Quality: High-Cycle
Number of Cycles: 26,000
Number of Springs: 2
Wind Direction: Right and Left

Customer Reviews

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David H.
Good price for heavy duty springs

The videos on the website were fantastic! I am almost 70 yrs old and am moderately handy at fixing things. After making sure I was educated by watching several videos, I was able to replace 2 heavy guage, 42 in. springs. My much younger son assisted, but his main job was to hand me tools. We had one instructional video pulled up on a laptop. We would finish one step and then review the next step to make sure we were not overlooking something. I know this was overkill, but my wife and high school buddies were very concerned that I was going to get hurt. Watch the videos and then just go slow and carefully.
I like to shop local, but if you go to a big box store or an independent hardware store, they will sell you what they have in stock. This may not be what you need. The Garage Door Nation website has calculators that tell you what size torsion spring you need.
The price for the springs was good, the Torsion Springs Repair Kit was wonderful, the instruction videos are fantastic and the delivery was fast. Also, spend the few extra bucks for "high-cycle" torsion springs as they will last longer.
Overall, Garage Door Nation is a business that deserves your support.

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