Garage Door Torsion Springs - Pair .207 x 2.00" x 23"

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Product Quality and Price

All of our springs are ultra high-quality, American-made garage door springs manufactured from the best steel available. Be aware that the level of quality in garage door springs can differ markedly between springs from different manufacturers and from different countries. While it is always a good idea to shop price, you need to know that higher quality may cost a little more but will more than pay off in performance and durability. Our pricing is super-competitive with other manufacturers offering springs of a similar quality.

Product Specifications

Product name: Standard Springs - Right and Left .207" x 2" x 23"
Inside Diameter: 2"
Wire Size: .207"
Length: 23"
IPPT: 22.1
Spring Quality: Standard
Number of Cycles: 27,000
Number of Springs: 2
Wind Direction: Right and Left

Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I needed. I switched from one coil to double Chad oil and they knew exactly which one I needed. Install was a breeze with the tension poles I got from you too.

Raymond J.
Superior product, stellar service!!

Their product is a superior spring and they have excellent service!! I recommend buying from Garage Door Nation due to this.

You're likely here as your garage door spring broke (like mine did). I'm a DIY guy and found this process to be easy (to my skill level as I DIY almost everything in my house, YMMV). I originally had a single-spring configuration and I called to convert to a dual-spring setup. In a minute or two they informed me what dual spring setup I should have. And I ordered it.

On my install I broke a part (it was my fault) and they immediately shipped a replacement part. This is fantastic customer service that we rarely see nowadays.

I have had stellar customer service and the springs are of the highest quality. I will (eventually) be a repeat customer and recommend them to all my friends!

Thank you Garage Door Nation!!!

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