5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Roof for Your Garage

A garage roof is a crucial component of any garage construction and renovation project. The roofing materials you use dictate the durability of your garage and its effectiveness in protecting your vehicles and other tools from elements. In this article, we look at some essential tips for choosing the right roofing materials for your garage.

Pay Attention to the Basic Structural Considerations

The initial step to choosing the right garage roofing material is to take into account the structural support required for the garage roof. Solid and heavy roofing materials such as concrete and tile call for a robust support system.

Considering the roof weight when designing the garage structure is best if you intend to build a new garage from scratch. If you are upgrading an existing garage, bring in a structural engineer to inspect the structure and determine if it can withstand the weight of a new roofing material. Consult widely with the Niagara Roof Masters to get recommendations on the roofing systems that will go well with your existing garage structure for long-lasting results.

Take the Garage Usage and Location into Account 

The location and usage of your garage greatly impact your choice of roofing material. Check the level of shade the garage receives from plants and other buildings and the direction it faces. If your garage has no nearby shade or cover, it will be best to invest in a durable roofing material that can stand against extreme weather. You might also have to insulate the roof against water ingress and frost.

If you intend to use the garage as storage for flammable materials like gas, you will need to go for a fire-resistant roof. A fiberglass roofing material can be a viable option in this case as it is non-flammable as well as rot and mold-resistant.

Consider the Garage Roof Appearance with Other Buildings

If roof appearance is of concern, go for a roofing material that blends with the roof of your main house. This can work perfectly for attached garages that are visible from the road. However, consider any future changes you may want to make to your home and the availability of the replacement materials to maintain the appearance.  

Fortunately, most garage roofing materials, except slate, are designed in a variety of styles, textures, and colors. While fiberglass and metal roofs can be a bit costly, they can give you a professional and aesthetically appealing finish.

Cost-Effectiveness and Longevity

Longevity is an essential factor to keep in mind. Considering how long-lasting brick-built garages are, you wouldn’t want to add to the structure a flat roof material that would require replacement in less than a decade. While you may spend more to get a material like EPDM roofing for your flat roof, it is cost-effective in the long term as you can get up to 50 years of service, depending on proper maintenance and correct installation.

The Environmental Impact

There is a growing concern about the environmental impact of the garage roofing materials you choose. Shorter lifespan options lead to more materials being used, which potentially causes more wastage as you need to do replacement more quickly.

You should also know the manufacturing process of your chosen roofing material. Ask the manufacturer or supplier about their wastage policy and if they use recycled materials. The goal is to get more sustainable options.

Your budget and style preferences alone are not enough to determine an ideal garage roof. You must also pay attention to your garage's structural needs, location, usage, appearance, longevity, and environmental impacts. Consult a roofing professional if you are still unsure which roofing material to choose.

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