5 Garage Upgrades You Should Consider

A garage is one of the most forgotten spaces in a home, and you may not realize the benefits of upgrading it until you do it. A garage makeover is an excellent way to structure a storage area and declutter the space, creating additional storage. It also allows you to establish new safety precautions by keeping dangerous tools, landscaping chemicals, and automotive fluids out of your kids' reach.

A garage doesn’t have to be a space for stashing outdoor items and your car. An upgrade can help you convert it into an entertainment area, a workstation, gym, man cave, or a spare bedroom. It also increases your home's resale value and enables you to improve the existing technology while making your home energy-efficient. Below are five garage upgrades you should consider.

1. Install additional electrical outlets

    While one electrical outlet is okay if you only need to vacuum your vehicle, it won't be enough if you add task lighting, appliances, and workbenches. When planning your electrical outlet placement, consider the work you’ll be doing there, the number of devices you’ll use, and the circuits you’ll need.

    Electrical projects aren't something you can DIY because of the dangers they present. Working with professional electricians will guarantee your safety while ensuring expertly done electrical outlets. The electrical work may need to be certified, so it's imperative to work with a licensed electrical technician, business, or contractor.

    2. Insulate your garage door

      The garage becomes extremely chilly in cold months and hot in summer. Insulating your garage door is an excellent way to solve this issue as they reduce cold air or heat transfer into your garage. This makes the space more comfortable. Since metal conducts cold and heat, a metallic garage door can transfer outside temperatures inside.

      However, with an insulated garage door, you can maintain constant temperatures in your home, saving energy and reducing utility bills. Insulated doors give your home a distinguished look. The insulation also acts as soundproof, reducing the noise of weather beating the garage's exterior and vehicles zooming by.

      3. Enhance your lighting

        Illuminating your garage enhances the space's visibility, safety, efficiency, and beauty. Poor garage lighting makes it hard to navigate the area, exposes you to falls and injuries, and leads to eye strain, especially when DYing projects.

        When lighting the garage, combine ambient, task, and accent lighting because garages are multi-purpose and layered illumination works best. Pick your fixtures depending on the function and ensure the bulbs have appropriate wattage. You should also switch to LEDs, install motion sensors, and incorporate natural lighting.

        4. Apply a smart storage strategy

          While keeping out-season items in the garage is okay, you shouldn't clutter the space. Consider buying same-size top-quality plastic bins, label them, and arrange them neatly on your shelves. This will ensure all these things are appropriately stored, reducing the risk of clutter, trips, and falls. Secure the freestanding shelves to the walls to ensure they don't trip on anybody.

          5. Add an easy-clean-finish on the garage floor

            An easy-to-clean finish on the floor, such as an epoxy coat, prevents grease and oil stains, cracks, and discoloration. It gives your garage floor the much-desired facelift. The epoxy coating comes in various design options, colors, and styles for a personalized look.


            Garage makeovers are an excellent home improvement project you should consider. Try these upgrades for your next garage improvement project.

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