7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Garage doors are more than openings to your garage. A garage door provides utility, boosts curb appeal, and increases your home’s value. However, you must maintain the garage door to enjoy these benefits. Read on for seven signs you should invest in a garage door replacement.

1. Strange noises

    If your garage door produces repeated creaking, scraping, or grinding noises when opening or closing, it could signify a faulty or aging door. A garage door has an intricate system that enables it to function with minimal noise, so if you tried oiling the door and the unpleasant sounds persist, consider a complete replacement. 

    2. Frequent repairs and maintenance

      Routine maintenance is crucial for the proper functioning of your garage doors. However, if you notice that you are contacting your garage door contractor more than once every year, it is time to replace the door. While installing a new garage door may be at the high end of your budget, you may pay more for repairs in the long run. If your garage door is not working well, it will likely not provide the necessary insulation to protect your vehicle and other valuables.

      3. Slow or fast closing

        If your garage door takes longer to close or it shuts too fast, consider a replacement. Issues with closing and opening signal severe internal problems, so they should be addressed promptly to ensure safety and security. A garage door is heavy enough to harm and even kill if it shuts unexpectedly, posing a danger to you, your family, friends, and pets. Problems with opening and closing the garage door could also damage your property and make your home vulnerable to intruders, so you should install a new garage door. Visit DoorsPlus.com.au to purchase high-quality Ultrasafe security screen doors to keep your home safe and secure.

        4. Outdated design

          If you have had the same garage door for decades, it could be a little outdated for your home and neighborhood. There are significant advancements in garage door style and technology, so you should consider investing in a new door with the latest features and capabilities. A high-functioning garage door improves your home’s curb appeal, increasing the chances of maximizing your return on investment should you decide to sell your property.

          5. The garage has a new function

            Suppose you intend to redesign or convert your garage into another room. In that case, you should consider investing in a new door. Modern garage doors are made of attractive contemporary designs with unique features such as tinted glass windows fitted with aluminum frames, perfect for your garage renovation plans.

            6. High energy bills

              If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bill, it could signal problems with the weather stripping or insulation of the garage door. Invest in modern garage doors designed with safety, functionality, and energy efficacy to keep your family comfortable and secure while reducing the heating and cooling bills.

              7. Making your home more appealing to homebuyers

                The garage door is one of the first things potential buyers see when they pull up on your driveway. Installing a new door helps you make a positive first impression on a prospect's mind enabling you to get an offer quickly.


                A garage door is critical to your home’s security. If you notice any of the above issues, do not hesitate to conduct inspections, make repairs, or replacement to protect your home and increase curb appeal.

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