If you are looking to replace your garage door torsion springs, visit our free step-by-step guide here and don't hesitate to contact us anytime. If you want your car and other household stuff to be totally secured inside your garage then, you have to make sure to place a door in your garage. And are you aware that one of the most important parts of a particular garage door is the torsion spring?


Basically speaking, the garage door torsion spring is the one which allows the door to move up and down without any difficulties at all.

However, there are instances when the torsion spring of the garage door tends to malfunction. And this is the time when careful checking and repairing of the torsion spring is deemed to be necessary.

As previously mentioned, torsion spring is an important component of a garage door. It needs proper maintenance all the time to keep your garage door in good working form. Thus, here are some helpful tips which you can take into account when it comes to maintaining and taking care of the garage door torsion spring:

Lubricate and examine the torsion spring constantly to make sure that the garage door will operate properly and securely as well as to avoid chattering or noisily sound coming from the door.

Always contain or enclose the garage door opener springs with cables or external steel tube to avoid spring breakage and to prevent also any damage or even stern injury.

Let a garage door installer inspect the torsion springs of your door every now and then in order to determine as to whether the springs need some restoration and replacement already or not.

Indeed, garage door torsion spring needs proper maintenance. And the task of maintaining the spring of a garage door is just so easy by simply following the tips stated above.

After all, there is nothing wrong if you are going to take into consideration the aforementioned tips just to ensure that the torsion springs of your garage door will always be in good condition.