garage door torsion spring winding chart

How many turns do your garage door springs need? Use this handy garage door torsion spring winding chart from Garage Door Nation!

 As you'll see below, the number of turns will depend on the height of your garage door: 

 Door Height Quarter Turns Full Turns
6'6" 28 7
7' 31 7 3/4
7'6" 32 8
8' 35 8 3/4

Garage Door Torsion Spring Winding Chart Notes

Here are some quick notes about winding your garage door springs:

  • A full revolution (full turn) is four quarter turns with the winding bars
  • The number of turns or quarter turns is for EACH spring
  • You can keep track of the number of turns by drawing a chalk line on the springs

The above chart and notes apply to the majority of residential garage doors. Be sure you have the right size garage door torsion springs and have taken the proper safety precautions before you begin winding the springs.