Your garage is not just a great place to store your car when you aren’t using it; it’s also a great place to store other items from seasonal displays to exercise equipment. Learn about the various ways you can use your garage for storage to help maximize the space.

Types of Garage Storage
Garage storage comes in a wide range of different options that can be mixed and matched according to your needs.

If you have a lot of bulky items that take up valuable floor space, consider moving them overhead. Overhead garage storage is a great way to store large bins you don’t need often, or big pieces of exercise equipment you only need periodically such as snow skis or bikes.

Overhead storage comes in different configurations as well. Some are bolted to the ceiling of your garage and are ideal for holding boxes or bins. Others lift and lower your item as needed and are perfect for things like bicycles; just pull on the ropes and pulleys to raise and lower it when needed.

If you have smaller boxes and items, or items you need to get on a more regular basis, wall shelving makes a great option. There are essentially two types of wall shelving for garages: stationary shelves and peg or slat board shelves.
Stationary shelves may be bolted to the wall, or they may be put together a lot like a bookcase. Once in place, they’re meant to stay in position. This is a good choice for things that need permanent or semi-permanent homes in your garage. Outdoors seasonal displays, electronic equipment, or boxes of old paperwork you can’t throw away all benefit from being stored on this type of shelf.

Peg and slat board shelves are meant to be moved around on the wall, changing how much storage space you need based on what you need to store at the moment. If you work in your garage or need to store craft items that will change on a regular basis this is a great option to have. By hanging the shelves on a peg or slat board, you can change their width and height as needed, or remove them altogether and just use the peg or slat board as is for hanging hooks and tools.

Slat and Peg Boards
Even if you don’t require shelving, slat and peg boards are a great option for garage storage. These inexpensive wall boards allow you to use hooks and small bins that can hold a variety of items such as gardening tools, screws and nails, and power tools. This type of storage really works best when you combine it with overhead storage, shelves, or work benches. This gives you options to customize your storage long-term.

Work Benches and Cabinets
If you work in your garage on a regular basis, it makes sense to store your items right where you’ll use them. Work benches and cabinets are available for garages that are mounted on wheels so you can move them to where you’re working then, then roll them against the wall when you are done. Look for options that contain multiple drawers to help you organize your work space to your best advantage.

Make Use of Every Inch
Your garage is full of areas that you may not be utilizing to their fullest just now. Consider investing in some different types of garage storage to help make sure you’re using every inch of the space to its highest potential.