How to Determine Garage Door Spring Wind Direction (Left/Right Wound)

Here's how to tell if your garage door torsion spring is a left-wound spring or a right-wound spring.

What can we say - it’s complicated.  They call it a right spring - but when you are looking at the door from the inside it goes on the left side.

That is unless it’s a reverse torsion system, which we are not going to discuss right now.

Usually, you will have two springs on your door. 


Garage Door springs are under extreme stress and I highly recommend having a professional come out to uninstall them if you are not familiar with them.   

Most of the time the end on the right hand wind is red and the left and wind is black.

Be sure not to make the mistake and confuse this with the color that indicates the wire size.

This can find the wire size color chart above.