Garage door torsion springs break all the time, it sure can be a huge nuisance when this occurs. The question is: should you call a company to repair the garage door problem, or should you replace the parts yourself? If you are looking to save money by doing it yourself, you can order a garage door spring replacement via our online store now.

There is pros and cons to doing either of the two.  There are several questions you must consider: how fast do you want the job done, do you have all the tools, is there a reputable company in town, do you know what do to order online?

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First, how fast do you want the garage door fixed.  Obviously a company can come out right away and fix the garage door, whereas, it may take a few days for an online order to arrive.  Also, most companies will give you a better warranty because they know that the parts are installed correctly.   The problem is you will definitely pay a premium for the work.  A smart man once said you want it done fast, you want it done right, and you want it done cheap - pick 2 out 3 and that is usually what you get.  How much money do you want to spend, another better question is how often do you want your springs breaking and causing you to be trapped in the garage?  I always recommend whether you choose to go with a company or you choose to order online - pick high quality parts.  The typical time for an online order to come in is about 3 days.  Garage Door Springs are heavy and it usually is not worth getting mailed any sooner.



Having the right tools is a must - if you don’t know how to work on a car or change a tire, then changing springs are not for you.  You are going to need wrenches and at least one pair of vice grips.  The major tool you will need is winding bars - these should be professional winding bars because without the right tools people can get really hurt. The facts are that over 30,000 people are injured do to garage doors every year, don’t take a chance unless you have the tools and are comfortable working on the garage door.  


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Reputable companies in town

First, if you choose to call a company make sure they are reputable.  Use resources like the better business bureau, Angieslist, and Yelp.  IF you find someone that is flawless that usually means they run a very small company and may not be around forever.  What I try to look for is lots of reviews and actual unhappy customers - see how the owner deals with these situations.   Smaller companies cannot always run warranty calls right away and most of the time will only be around for 3-5 years no matter how many reviews.  Always make sure to check them out and make sure the company is licensed, bonded, and insured.


What needs to be done to order?

First, it’s highly recommended that you take the springs off the torsion tube for accurate measuring. The springs need to be un-wound to get the right wire size.  Watch the videos that show you everything you will need to know, the videos out there are very well done.  Take your time with the measurements and everything will be fine.  Be sure that the company offers a money back guarantee and that the parts are made in the USA.  If this is the case the orders online should go smooth and you will be on your way to a healthy garage door again.