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ᐅ Broken garage door torsion spring repair replacement kit ☆ Made in the USA springs ☆ Over 1 MILLION Homeowners Helped ☆ Best Quality & EXCLUSIVE Authorized Dealer 

Need directions to order? Start here ᐅ  https://www.garagedoornation.com/pages/garage-spring-replacement-guide

This page has helped over 1 million American homeowners fix their own garage door and replace their own springs to save money.

This garage spring repair replacement bundle kit has everything you need to fix your own garage door and is compatible with all garage door setups. These are Professional-Grade springs Made in the USA, unlike competing manufacturers, so our springs outlast and outperform. Our torsion springs are made with the finest grade of American steel and are only made once a customer orders, preserving the life of the springs.

Every kit we sell helps a family in America who has lost a breadwinner in combat or post-traumatic illness.

Garage Door Torsion Springs for Sale

We have the most five-star reviews nationwide and are the leading choice of luxury home builders and do-it-yourself customers because of our wholesale pricing and unmatched quality. We have successfully helped over 1 MILLION Americans fix their own garage door and save money each time.

This kit comes with 2 springs (one left and one right wound) and the other standard accessories needed to replace broken springs. We are the only website selling this type of kit. Don't be fooled by counterfeit knock-offs. Our springs can last up to 30+ years compared to <10 years of other brands. Each spring is made in our American location, one by one as they are ordered using state-of-the-art machinery, and inspected using our triple-point inspection process. There are simply no comparisons.

If you need a custom kit or anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact us (support@garagedoornation.com) at any time of the day or week.

Are you looking to order springs by themselves or just 1 single spring?

Visit this page: https://www.garagedoornation.com/products/garage-door-springs

The Kit Includes:

(2) torsion springs (one left wound, one right wound based on the same measurements you enter above)

(1) pair of round winding bars (work the same as hex winding bars)

(1) pair of torsion cables 

(1) pair of end bearing plates (3-3/8" shaft offset)

(1) center bearing

Retail value: $280+


Replacing both springs is strongly recommended, if you want to convert from a 1-spring system to a 2-spring system, visit this link, otherwise you can keep the extra spring as a spare.

Save big by ordering the bundle. This is the #1 selling DIY garage door torsion spring replacement kit in the USA. 


Items Included

The Kit Includes:
(2) torsion springs (one left wound, one right wound based on the same measurements you enter above)
(1) pair of round winding bars (work the same as hex winding bars)
(1) pair of torsion cables
(1) pair of end bearing plates
(1) center bearing
Retail value: $280+

*Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear - it does cover the cones coming undone though.


If you recently added a garage door insulation kit please let us know so we can modify the size of the springs you will need.

Have you ever had the experience when your garage door refuses to open at some very inconvenient times? Or if they do finally open it feels like you’ve just played tug-of-war with a bison? Perhaps you need to take a look at your torsion spring. A what? You know the thing that makes it possible for your garage door to lift open every time you need it to. However, you have to remember that it doesn’t stay like that forever. It gets broken too. After all, its estimated life is only 10, 000 cycles. So its service life is dependent on how many times your garage door is opened and closed every day. However, this figure can become pretty much lower if proper care is not observed when installing and using torsion spring kit.

Proper care in this context is discussed one by one of the sections that follow. Read closely, try to remember things listed there and most important of all, don’t jump to conclusions saying “I already know” that. Most of the time, it is the things that we thought we know that end up getting us into a lot of trouble.

But in case you are someone that’s qualifies as an expert, please don’t hesitate to share to us your knowledge. We would love to learn new things too.

For ordinary folks like me, read on. Who knows, what you learn here may come in handy in the future.




What is a Torsion spring kit?

A torsion spring kit is a type of steel spring that is mounted on garage doors. It has two types; one is single- spring, while the other has two springs. The torsion spring kit works on counterbalance system involving a cable, roller brackets and a cable drum. You need a torsion kit spring if you want your garage door to open without doing it the Croods’s way-the hard way, which is by lifting it up yourself. A garage door can weigh as much as 140 pounds; it will not be a good idea to lift it.

How does it work?

Basically, the torsion spring kit is needed for your garage door to lift open and lower it gently despite the weight of the door! It absorbs most of the weight of the door with its counterbalance mechanism. Its life depends on how many times your door opens and closes on a given day. It would be useful to have another access door for you for other purposes such as getting the garden tools and whatever it is you keep in your garage whenever you need it.

To better understand how your garage door works with the torsion spring, take the time to learn it. Observe how the mechanism works. Nobody else can teach you any better but your door itself.

There is always time for everything, arrange your schedule to accommodate” your garage door lessons”. You will find that the more you know about these things the easier it gets for you to both maintain and repair or replace any broken parts of your torsion spring.

One spring or two springs?

Having a one spring door can sometimes cause problem in the future. The rate of wear and tear on the moving parts such as the cable is much higher in a one spring torsion kit. It would not cost more than $10 to convert from one spring to two springs. In the long run, it will be worth every penny. However, it is important to have the dimensions of all the parts of both kits the same for better function and longer service life.

However, having two springs is not an automatic insurance; the right stuff still needs to go with the right parts. Knowledge is a determining factor here too. So if your one to prefer a little D-I-Y every now and then, this is the one instance where knowledge is power. It pays to do your homework before you start bringing down your garage door.

There are occasions where a one spring door outlived the two springs. How is this so? That is because the one spring got everything right; from the dimension to the right alloy combination of the parts.

How to take care of your Torsion spring kit?

The standard for garage door industry is 10,000 cycles but often times this is not the case for most people. What we commonly refer to as “factory defect” is usually a case of “owner mistake” during installation. It is important then to get your dimensions right. When in doubt, never assume. Ask your supplier, nobody else can give you the best answer.

Meanwhile, metal objects need to be protected from rust, corrosion, and even the elements. Regular spraying with silicone lubricants on your door’s moving parts will ensure smoother operation, protection from elements and dust build up as well as rust.

Know your spring

There are several spring types out there. Some break prematurely; others meet what they say on their labels. How is this so? That’s because of different manufacturer’s use different types of alloys. Why they do this, is entirely beyond me but one of my guesses is profit. Recently a lot of made in China springs suffered premature breakage. So buy springs that are made in the United States if you want to be sure. In fairness, however, the aluminum alloy spring from China so far held up to scrutiny. So keep your fingers crossed if you have bought this aluminum alloy springs.

When making purchases, keep in mind this age-old advice; the cheaper it looks, the more expensive it can get. This is because cheap products break easily and you must get another one. You only succeeded in spending more money instead.

If you are leaving in coastal areas, the salty environment will eat at your spring so buying galvanized springs will save you trouble and money.



How to get the right spring

First, let’s take a look at your door if it is unbalanced. An unbalanced garage door does the following:

  1. Do not stay up when open. It will fall on your head or your car’s hood. So you better watch out.
  2. Do not stay down when closed. It opens on its own in the middle of the night and scare the members of your household or worse, knock you out with an uppercut when you’re all dressed up for work.
  3. It does not stay in the middle.       The kids thought it was a new type of see-saw.

If your garage door does anyone of this or all this, something is not right, and usually, it’s the springs themselves. Start from there. If you don’t know what to do, follow this advice. First, your safety is the priority, yes that’s right. You are the priority and not your garage door. Before you start working be sure to wear some protection; helmet, goggles, gloves, the whole works. Remember, the garage door can fall on your head anytime or knock you out with an uppercut.

The springs need to be replaced after some time; it can break or become too slack, or perhaps the size of it is not compatible with the weight of your door. To find the appropriate spring, you need to do the following:

  1. Measure the springs. Measure the springs in this manner: get the inside diameter, wire size, length, wind, and type of ends. 
  2. Weigh your door if you can, and get its height too. Remember, safety first. It’s not worth it if you get hurt. But if you insist on doing it yourself, use an analog bathroom scale. The lady of the house is sure to have one. Please watch your feet when you do this.
  3. Get the doors model number and contact your supplier. If you are not used to doing anything like this, I recommend this. The information you’re looking for could be found on the inside or sometimes in the side. But if the years made it unreadable, try the receipt or the paperwork it came with.

Now that you know these things about your garage door, you will not end up scratching your head and wonder why there’s a brand new dent on the hood of your car. At least you will be able to do something when garage door trouble comes. Or if you should call for help, you at least know whom to call and what to say.



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