Most Expensive Garages

Jerry Seinfeld’s Garage

Located in Manhattan, New York, this garage holds Seinfeld’s 47 Porsche cars. 

Formerly the Mayor of Southwark’s Garage

This garage, unlike many others, does not have a home attached to it. Located in South London, it has such a high price because it is next to Harrods.

Garage Near Harrods

This is yet another garage at an even higher price, located in South London near Harrods.

Francis Wisniewski’s Garage

Located in Chicago, Illinois, this expensive garage has a Las Vegas theme.

Craig Jackson’s Garage

This unique garage is located on a mountain in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Its exterior is shaped like a tire.

Tom Gonzales’ Garage

Located in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, this garage has an elevator that takes the cars and RV underground.

Hamilton Scott’s Garage 

The most expensive garage, located in Singapore, is an elevator that transports the cars up to Scott’s apartment.