Reasons To Get A Garage Door Opener Keypad

In 1926, C.G. Johnson invented the garage door opener. His opener was a motorized method of opening a garage door with the press of a button. Today, garage door openers are controlled by a switch on the garage wall, remote controls in a car or on a smart phone, or a keypad attached somewhere outside the garage. The garage door is the largest moving part in your home, and garage door keypads offer the ease of opening and closing your garage door without straining your back.

About Garage Door Opener Keypads

reasons to get a garage door opener keypad

Garage door opener keypads are keyless entry systems that allow access to your garage. A dual-frequency radio operates the keypad after you key in a personally selected four-digit pin (personal identification number). Mount your keyless entry pad outside the garage door, use your pin, and your door will open without using a key. (It’s a great feature if you lock yourself out of your home, or you need to let people in.) A keypad gives you peace of mind — only those with the correct pin can enter.

Keypads often come with a garage door opener, but if yours doesn’t, you can purchase a universal garage door keypad. (Make sure the keypad works with your garage door opener before purchase.) If your garage door opener is more than five years old, you may want to audition a universal keypad before making the purchase.

Safety rules for your keypad include mounting the keypad at least five feet from the ground. Never allow children access to the keypad, and do not give them your car remote as a play toy. Always keep your garage door in sight while it opens and closes.

Reasons To Get A Garage Door Opener Keypad

reasons to get a garage door opener keypad

Garage door openers and keypads are more reliable than ever before. By sending an encoded signal to the garage door opener, they trigger the garage door to open. The latest models also come with battery backup. And you can use a surge protector against voltage spikes. Ask your garage door opener provider for the right type of protection.

Safety features of today’s keypads include rolling codes to prevent hackers from discovering your pin. If you prefer not to use a pin, you have another option with fingerprint access. Once your fingerprint is stored in the device’s memory, no random person can open the garage door.

It’s important to note that all garage door openers manufactured since 1993 require reversing safety mechanisms. This feature uses two sensors about six inches above the floor. When something passes through the beam as the garage door is closing, the door immediately stops closing and reverses.

Why Have A Garage Door Keypad?

As technology evolves, wireless keypads will become a necessity rather than a luxury. Parents who have school–aged children can use the keypad as a substitute for handing house keys to their children. Recent surveys reveal that 33 percent of parents with school-aged children have a garage door keypad opener. Forty-four percent of parents believe a keypad is easier, more convenient and safer for their children. Install a lighted keypad, and have even more security.

  • Additional surveys indicate 60% of people who locked themselves out of their homes used a keypad to open the garage door and regain access (and find their keys).
  • Lost a remote? If you have a keypad installed, it’s not a total loss. You can still get into your garage.
  • You can tie in your garage door to your open door alert system and numerically coded keypad entry system, giving you a second layer of protection and security.

In addition to safety sensors, battery systems and surge protectors, garage keypad openers can be equipped with accessories that turn on the lights in your garage.

On top of all this, you can customize your keypad to blend in with your home’s facade or garage molding.               

Always secure your garage as you would your house. Today’s keypads make it easier than ever. Take advantage of the newest technology and discover the simplicity of the latest safety features available with today’s garage door keypads!