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Is it time for you to give your garage floor an upgrade? There are multiple ways to improve the appearance of your garage floor and better protect it from cracks, excessive moisture, chemical exposure, and other sources of damage. Any garage floor covering ideas that you're thinking about must enhance the durability of the floor while looking professional and attractive.

For garage flooring kits, the important qualities to consider include ease of installation and the properties of different materials. Whether you’re using tiles, mats, or epoxy coatings, you need the best available products. The following are five high-quality kits that can deliver impressive benefits to your garage floor!

The Top 5 DIY Garage Flooring Kits

Here's the Garage Door Nation list of the best DIY garage flooring kits: 

GarageTrac Diamond Durable Interlocking Modular Garage Flooring Tiles

GarageTrac Diamond Durable Interlocking Modular Garage Flooring Tiles

Quick, Straightforward Installation

Being able to install flooring without professional assistance is a major plus, and these GarageTrac Diamond Durable Interlocking Modular Garage Flooring Tiles give you that convenience. You won’t need tools or glue to make its interlocking tiles snap together. The PowerLock technology enables the tiles to form a strong and stable stretch of flooring.

Because each tile in this modular floor system is 1 foot by 1 foot, a pack of 48 tiles will give you 48 square feet of flooring. Before laying the tiles down on any section of your garage floor, all you need to do is measure the space, temporarily clear it, and give it a quick clean. Beyond these steps, no special efforts are required for preparation. You also don't need to cover all of your garage at once. You can try the tiles on one area to see if the material works well for you.

Easy to Clean

A key reason this product is among the best garage floor tiles is that it makes few maintenance demands. The material isn't difficult to clean and maintain in good condition. Even when subjected to grease, oil, dirt, and other substances typically present in garages, it doesn’t readily stain. Furthermore, the substructure of the flooring is designed to allow in more air, release moisture, and prevent an accumulation of mold and mildew.

Remarkable Durability

The material can withstand the pressure of a parked car and the weight of various objects you may keep in your garage, including shelves and boxes. It also resists chipping, scratches, and other forms of damage. Although one reported criticism is that the flooring may slide slightly out of place, it generally demonstrates a resistance to slipping. The Utah-based manufacturer offers a 12-year warranty on the product, giving you assurance that it’s made to last for a while.

Clean, Bold Appearance

You aren’t limited to any one color, such as graphite. You can buy tiles in different colors, including black and red, and create a pattern on your garage floor. Whether it's laid out in a pattern or in a solid color, this flooring has received praise from customers for its appearance. The one sensory detail that they sometimes rate less favorably is the noise the material produces when stepped on.


  • The interlocking tiles are exceptionally easy to install. No tools or special preparations are necessary.
  • The floor system is resistant to stains, mildew, mold, and various forms of damage caused by physical impact.
  • You can buy packs of tiles in different colors and create a patterned floor.
  • Manufactured in the U.S., this product comes with a 12-year warranty.
  • Its resistance to slipping out of place maybe could be improved.
  • Some think it's noisy.

Armor All AAGFMC20 Garage Floor Mat

Armor All AAGFMC20 Charcoal 20' x 7'4 Garage Floor Mat 


Comes With Free Tape for Easy Adhesion

When using garage floor mats, one concern you may have is how to get them to stay in place. The Armor All AAGFMC20 Charcoal 20' x 7'4" Garage Floor Mat arrives with a roll of double-sided tape from Drymate, making the installation quick and smooth and keeping each mat securely fixed.

Impressive Flexibility

You can order mats in different sizes, and they’re easy to cut if you need to alter them. The edges and layers of the mat won’t split when you’re using scissors to create your own size. The mats also work well on floors made of different materials. However, they may not interact well with your floor if you've recently applied certain paints or other substances to it.

Powerful Barrier for Water and Other Liquids

The mat has a waterproof backing made of polyolefin. Its top layer, which is absorbent, is made of polyester fabric and 80 percent recycled fibers. These layers give it a potent ability to protect your garage floor from liquids, including water, snow, and brake fluid. You'll also find it easy to clean the mat with a mild detergent and water. Keep in mind, however, that you may need to take care of it with a squeegee or wet vacuum if it becomes overly saturated.

Easy to Lift and Maneuver

Along with being made in an environmentally friendly way, this Armor All mat is friendly to your back when you try to maneuver it around the garage. It’s thin and weighs relatively little compared to garage mats made of heavier materials, such as rubber. But don't confuse its thinness with lack of durability. It's a strong mat that holds up well under regular use.


  • The product comes with double-sided tape that keeps it in place and enables an easy installation.
  • You can order mats of different sizes and easily alter them to your own specifications.
  • The mats readily absorb liquid and act as a waterproof barrier for your garage floor.
  • They’re made of a long-lasting, lightweight material.
  • The material in the mat may interact poorly with surfaces that have recently been coated or treated with certain chemicals.
  • Sometimes, the mat can become overly saturated.

IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Rolls

incstores garage flooring rolls 


Tough and Durable

The IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Rolls, which you roll out as a large mat, is made of 100 percent premium-grade polyvinyl. Although it’s thin, the material puts up a strong resistance to physical impact and the pressure of heavy weights, including parked cars. One complaint is that the tires of a parked car may leave some discoloration on the mat. However, this doesn't appear to be a widespread problem.

Easy to Install and Modify

Currently, the smallest mat is sized at 7.5 feet by 17 feet, and many other size options are available. You can easily roll out and align multiple mats, and you can also modify their size with a knife or razor if needed. Because of an initial tendency to curl instead of stay flat, it’s advisable to first leave the mat in a facedown position for about 24 hours before its installation. Although the mat should stay in place on its own, you may need to use double-sided tape as extra security against shifting.

Multiple Stylish Options

You can choose a diamond or coin pattern for your mats. The mats are also available in three different colors. One possibility is to use different patterns or colors to highlight distinct areas of your garage. For example, one mat could be used for a workshop area and another for a gym area.

Doesn’t Demand Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Along with keeping the underlying floor protected from dirt, the mats themselves are easy to clean. In general, using a mop or some dampened paper towels will suffice.


  • It's made of a strong, long-lasting polyvinyl.
  • The installation is straightforward, and the mat's size can be easily modified with a razor or knife.
  • It has a stylish appearance and multiple color and pattern options.
  • It's easy to clean.
  • Some customers have reported that the mat curls too much or doesn't easily stay in place.
  • There's a possibility of discoloration from car tires.

Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating

rust-oleum garage flooring kit 


Clean, Professional Appearance

A garage floor epoxy coating needs to transform the drabness of bare concrete into a smooth, gleaming surface. The Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating Kit gives your garage a more fresh and professional look. Its semi-gloss finish gently reflects light, and its decorative paint chips further enhance the appearance of your garage.

Impressive Adhesion

EpoxyShield adheres well to concrete. It doesn’t crack or peel easily, and it demonstrates a strong resistance to the damage potentially caused by the tires of a car or another vehicle. Some customers have reported bubbles and peeling, but those issues are possibly the result of a faulty application.

Garage Floor Soon Ready for Full Use

About a day after the application, you can allow yourself to walk around the garage. For parking your car, you should wait 72 hours. By that point, the epoxy coating will be ready to withstand heavy use and protect your garage floor from exposure to various substances, including motor oil and salt. In one order of EpoxyShield, there's enough coating to cover up to 500 square feet of floor.

The most time-consuming aspect of using EpoxyShield is the preparation process before applying it. There are multiple steps, including checking for moisture on your garage floor. Although Rust-Oleum will supply you with a cleaner, stir stick, and other supplementary products, you’ll need to provide yourself with certain essential tools, such as brushes and rollers.

Health-Related Advantages

EpoxyShield is a low-odor coating. The product also has low levels of volatile organic compounds. These chemicals, which are common in paints and other coatings, can irritate the eyes, provoke nausea, and cause other health problems. Because EpoxyShield has low levels of these compounds, you enjoy a decreased chance of adverse health effects.


  • It’s a long-lasting coating that protects your garage floor from damaging chemicals.
  • You can apply it to a large space and expect it to show strong adhesion.
  • You don’t have to worry about powerful odors and high levels of volatile organic compounds.
  • You enjoy a smooth garage floor that gleams.
  • The preparations may be demanding. They require multiple steps that need to be followed carefully.
  • There are some reports of bubbling and peeling.

Supercoat DecoEffects Epoxy Floor Coating

Supercoat DecoEffects Epoxy Floor Coating 


Gives Your Garage Floor a Lovely Sheen

When you order the Supercoat DecoEffects Epoxy Floor Coating Kit, you’ll also receive a urethane glaze coat and decorative flakes that have reflective properties. As a result, your garage floor can wind up shining.

Can Be Successfully Applied to a Large Area

A single kit can cover a garage floor of 400 to 500 square feet, and you can expect strong adhesion to the concrete. However, depending on the condition of your concrete floor and how you apply the coating, you may need to order more than one kit. There's also a chance of some color variation occurring during the preparation process, resulting in coatings that aren't exactly the same shade of color.

Consideration for Safety

One of the additives that comes with the epoxy reduces the slipperiness of the coated floor and makes it safer to walk on. The epoxy is also low in odor levels and in levels of volatile organic compounds, chemicals that can trigger various health issues.

Durable When Prepared and Applied Correctly

Although some customers have reported that the product is too thin and prone to scratches, others have commented favorably on its durability. The extent to which the final product lasts depends a great deal on how you prepare the surface of your garage floor and how you prepare and apply the coating itself. The process requires an investment of time, careful work, and additional supplies of your own, including rollers.


  • This decorative flooring kit gives your garage a beautiful luster.
  • The coating demonstrates strong adhesion and can be used on relatively large spaces.
  • You enjoy less exposure to harsh chemicals and the safety benefits of an additive that helps prevent slipping.
  • The coating remains durable when subjected to different kinds of physical forces, including foot traffic and parked vehicles.
  • The preparations and application demand effort and care, and people may make mistakes.
  • There have been some reports of excessive thinness and a vulnerability to scratches. 

DIY Garage Flooring Kits FAQ

What Is A Garage Flooring Kit? A DIY garage flooring kit allows you to transform the look of your garage in just a few hours or less!
What Are The Benefits Of A Garage Flooring Kit? DIY garage flooring kits are for anyone that would like to upgrade the look and performance of their garage! Whether you use the garage as a workspace or a man cave, there's a garage flooring kit for you!
What Are Garage Flooring Kits Made Of? It all depends on the type of kit you choose. Tiles, mats, epoxy, paint and more are all available in DIY garage flooring kits!
How Much Do Garage Flooring Kits Cost? Typically, garage flooring kits range in price from $100.00 to $250.00.

The Sum Up!

Tiles, mats, and epoxy are all potentially excellent garage floor covering ideas. But when choosing from among a variety of garage flooring kits, you'll need to consider a range of factors, including the amount of time you want to devote to preparation and application, the final look of the product, and the specific benefits different kinds of materials will give you.

The right flooring will transform your garage, making it more visually appealing and strengthening its protection against different sources of damage.

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